This model requires identification using SD Card

To update your product software, you will need:
  • One SD Card, 8GB or higher
  • Computer with internet access
  • Constant power in your vehicle. Any power interruption will corrupt the data and force you to start over.
  • Internet Explorer version 11+

  • Insert a blank SD Card into your navigation unit.
  • On the navigation interface, touch: Settings > Device > Update Map
  • Your vehicle will automatically imprint a unique ID code on the SD card.
  • Remove SD Card from vehicle, then place in a computer with Internet access.
  • While viewing this page, click on Read Media below.
  • Follow the instructions in the Garmin Communicator Plugin to update your maps.
  • After Garmin Communicator Plugin finishes your download, remove the SD Card from your computer and insert into your vehicle.
  • Follow the instructions on the navigation unit to transfer the product update data from the SD Card to your vehicle.
  • If your device has not been updated for long time, you might have to follow these steps multiple times.
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