This model requires identification using SD Card

To update your product software, you will need:
  • One SD Card, 8GB or higher
  • Computer with internet access
  • Constant power in your vehicle. Any power interruption will corrupt the data and force you to start over.

  • Insert a blank SD Card into your navigation unit.
  • On the navigation interface, touch: Settings > Device > Update Map
  • Your vehicle will automatically imprint a unique ID code on the SD card.
  • Remove SD Card from vehicle, then place in a computer with Internet access.
  • Follow the instructions in the Garmin Express application to update your maps.
  • After Garmin Express finishes your download, remove the SD Card from your computer and insert into your vehicle.
  • The card will remain in the device and the new maps will be read from the card. The vehicle should be on and running during the update process. The maps will now be updated.
  • If your device has not been updated for long time, you might have to follow these steps multiple times.